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Unlike 1-800-ASK or 1-800-411 services that advertise on television and radio, Bradenton Accident Doctor is not an attorney referral service.  Bradenton Accident Doctor makes no money for referrals because the patient/client chooses if they want or need to require an attorney's services and then chooses the attorney.  Bradenton Accident Doctor only lists reputable attorneys who meet the Florida Bar Association's criteria, who have an excellent record of working with the physicians profiled on Sarasota Accident Doctor, and who locally represent the geographical areas covered by Bradenton Accident Doctor.  Although all the attorneys listed on Bradenton Accident Doctor can provide excellent service throughout the state of Florida, Bradenton Accident Doctor will list offices with physical addresses per geographical area. 


Please view the profile and interview as many attorneys as you like until you find the one that best fits your needs, or feel free to call 941-321-4312 to discuss the best options depending on your circumstances.


Bradenton Accident & Injury Lawyers:   March Feature

When Ms. Neri is representing you in your injury case, she will be speaking to the insurance carriers, she will be assisting with the piles of forms you may receive, she will be building your case and working to maximize the value to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Do not wait and continue to do this alone, wondering who pays for what? How do I get treatment? How do I get my medical bills or lost wages paid? Am I entitled to pain and suffering or future damages? How do I document my injuries? Delays in your medical care, while you are trying to do this alone, can impact your case. Neri Law Group starts working on your case immediately!

Take that first step and call Shannan C. Neri of Neri Law Group and speak to an Attorney who cares about your personal story and will fight for you, just as she would for her own family!  Click Shannan Neri Law or call 941-677-8977.


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Featured attorney

Shannan C. Neri has dedicated her career to fighting for the injured. Ms. Neri takes pride in putting you at ease and taking your stress and fear away so you can concentrate on your health and addressing your injuries and getting on the road to recovery! Ms. Neri works with you to help you understand and navigate the complex issues you are facing when you have been injured. Not intimidated by insurance companies, Shannan C. Neri has 17 years of experience representing injured parties, and she knows the process.

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